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1 year ago

Wig in France

 France there was writing science fiction and drama writer known for Messier, ironically to set out the most beloved Front lace wigs several people: the Paris suburb of principals, choirmaster, court errands, servants, cooks, kitchen odd jobs, no one is sorted royalty detached, are vanity at work. This in the end is a poison tongue gag writer, wig or flooding during flood vanity Paris really do? Number Brazilian virgin hair master can attest

1 year ago

French and wig

Marquis Mirabeau but then popular Full lace wigs are not good, "Ferguson of Paris now filled Sunday, wearing a black silk costume, wearing a Front lace wigs fine man see me, and made me humble tribute to him, The results, he said, he was my son of a blacksmith or a saddle maker Is wearing a wig is just dancing in the streets to do -! "wig at lower levels in the popular crowd, so are difficult to distinguish between true and false nobility, the Marquis It is not that he is devalued - just a little wig can make their own class position seems to increase, vanity meet, why not do it –